Privacy and informed consent

We take our commitment to protect the privacy of people who participant in the study very seriously. We have abided by the rules, regulations and guidelines as laid down by The Open University, to ensure the protection of participants' privacy and the confidentiality of all information provided.
Approval for this study has been granted by the Open University's Human Research Ethic Committee: application number: HREC/2013/1550/Cavaye/1
Data stored on our computers is governed by the Open University Code of Computing Ethics and a completed Data Protection form was submitted and approved. Every effort is made to ensure that the identity of individuals is protected.

Informed consent

Informed consent means providing eligible individuals with the information they need to know about the Former Carers Study so they can make an informed choice about taking part.
A consent form is embedded within the survey questionnaire and you will need to read through the information and consent form and check a box before accessing the survey questionnaire. By checking a box on the consent page, you will in effect be providing an indication of consent rather than a full signature. When you start the survey you will be reminded that completion and submission of your answers will indicate consent to participate.

If you are not sure about whether you want to take part or not, you can ask other people for advice or you can contact the researchers directly to ask any questions you may have about the study. You will also be able to withdraw from the study at any time simply by closing down the questionnaire before you reach the end.

Data Protection

This survey is using Surveymonkey and any information you enter will be stored temporarily in the US. Surveymonkey has signed up to the Safe Harbor Framework which means that your information will be protected to the standard of UK and EU data protection law.